Welcome to Block Themes Pro. If this is your very first time landing on this page, please watch the quick intro video before diving into the course. We can’t wait to see what you create!



We tried our best to build our lessons in a way that would make sense to build your site – from start to finish. We recommend going through these in order.

Getting Started

Regardless of your experience with WordPress, we’ll show you how to download a WordPress block theme and install it so you can dive into editing content.

Global Styles

We’ll show you how to adjust your colors, typography and global theme and block settings in the WordPress Site Editor so you can focus on adding your content.

Add Content

The fun part where things actually start to look like a real website! In this lesson, we’ll show you how to create pages and drop in blocks and patterns. Then we’ll show you how to modify those blocks to match the look and feel you want.


The new WordPress Site Editor allows you to modify (and create new) templates directly in your browser whereas previously you needed coding experience to do this. We’ll walk through a few examples of when you might want to utilize this new feature and show you how to go about it.


Our general rule of thumb is less is more (meaning, the less plugins the use, the less issues you’ll run into). That being said, we do have a handful of plugins we absolutely cannot live without.

go live

The final ta-da moment. When you’re happy with your design, we’ll cover the final steps you should take to make your site live. If you need hosting and an SSL certificate, we’ll cover that too.


Our bonuses are not necessary to create your site, but rather additional things you can do to either enhance certain functionality, features or design.


Not everyone is a designer, we get it. But most people know what they like and they have an idea of what they think looks good. That’s all you need to make a great color palette. We’ll show you our process for finding colors we like then how to update the color palette in your block theme.


We’ll show you how to integrate the most popular mail list options into your site so you can add an email sign up form(s) and start growing your subscribers!

add shop functionality

Whether you’d like to sell physical products or digital subscriptions, we’ll show you our favorite WordPress plugin (WooCommerce) to turn your site into a full blown e-commerce site.

create a child theme

This is an advanced bonus where we walk you through how to create a child theme, which you may want to do if you plan to customize your site beyond the options within your default block theme.